Danny Boyle Documents Creation Process for New Film

February 7, 2007


Danny Boyle, the director of 28 Days Later… and Trainspotting is spearheading a new film, Sunshine. It takes place in the near future; the sun is dying out and a crew is sent to re-ignite it. I love Danny’s older work and can’t wait to see this one. Check out the trailer here.

Danny and crew have been blogging about the process on the official site, SunshineDNA.com and have created a very enthusiastic fan base. Their dialogue has become an extensive record of the making and marketing of the film. The site includes tons of behind the scenes footage, interviews and commentaries. I’m sure they’ve already put more online than will fit onto the DVD.

Someone should really build a directory of all the films that are actively documenting their creation process. It’s getting hard to keep track of them all.

– chris


3 Responses to “Danny Boyle Documents Creation Process for New Film”

  1. dailymuse Says:

    That movie looks awesome. If it’s half as good as 28 days it will be worth seeing.

    When does it come out?

  2. tropist Says:

    As of right now Sunshine is set to come out on March 16th in the US. Only a month from today!

  3. dailymuse Says:

    Cool… I’ll put that on my calendar.

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