Weekend Update

February 5, 2007

Tropist Screen Shot

We were really happy to see that we had over 1,200 page views on Friday. This isn’t a monumental number, but considering we had only 20 views the day before, it’s quite an achievement. So far everything has been going smoothly, and the feedback has been really great. We’ve made a few small tweaks over the last few days, the most notable being the invite feature. If you’re a registered user, you can send invitations to your friends (just head to http://tropist.com/my).

We’ve been trying to talk to everyone who has registered to make sure everything is fast and easy. We’ll be implementing a number of suggestions over the next several days to improve usability and we’ll also be keeping a close eye on performance so the site stays fast for everyone. As soon as things are looking pretty stable, we’re going to run through our master list of features and see what makes sense to do next. We’ll be posting updates here, and of course, everything is up for discussion. We work for you after all.



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