A Feature Film for $1000?

January 22, 2007

I stumbled upon the 1000 Dollar Film project a couple of days ago. It’s the blog of two screenwriters who are working to create a great movie for only $1000 and document the entire process. From what I can tell, it looks like things are starting to pick up for them. They just received an offer to have their film edited for free, which is really quite amazing. Somehow they’ve also found the time to come out with some great articles. My two favorites so far are Create a feature film without writing a script and How to write a genre movie in seven days. If these guys can keep their breakneck pace, I think they’ll find many more people tuning in.

If you’re interested in creating your own low-budget feature film start by picking up Robert Rodriguez’s Rebel Without a Crew; it’s essentially the bible of low-budget filmmaking. Then I’d recommend watching his first feature: El Mariachi (shot for $7000 and sold for a million). It’s so good you won’t be able to stop yourself.

El Mariachi

– chris


One Response to “A Feature Film for $1000?”

  1. $1000 Says:

    Thanks for the write up Chris, and we’re glad you like the articles.

    We’re really passionate about film makers getting out there and making great movies, regardless of the budget they have or the resources they believe are available.

    We’ve been blown away by just how much support it’s possible to get in the creative and production community, if you have project that people can get excited about.

    At the same time we believe that the thing to do with knowledge is to share it. And if we can help other learn from our lessons, the mistakes we makes as well as the stuff we do well, then everyone wins.

    Ta Clive

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