Media for Good

January 21, 2007

A few weeks ago, I came across a video produced by Good Magazine about the New York Children Project. It’s a cool project. The goal is to photograph a child from every country — the twist is that all the children must be living in New York City. Danny Goldfield, the photographer, has been doing a hell of a job, check out the video below.

This video lead me to Good Magazine. Good is a remarkably designed magazine. Their mantra is “media for people who give a damn” and it shows. They’ve cleverly designed a way to target their demographic. Good gives 100% of their subscription fees to charity. They give their readers a way to feel good and stay entertained. Their unconventional business model doesn’t have them doing regular promotion, so they rely on word of mouth. At the time of writing there are 11,412 subscribers giving $228,240 for charity, so it appears to be working. Solid numbers for a startup, considering that they have only released two issues.

Get a subscription and help them hit their goal of a million dollars donated to charity, you know you want to.

– chris


One Response to “Media for Good”

  1. […] GOOD has a unique business model, they donate 100% of subscription fees to charity and make all their money through advertising. For more, check out another GOOD video we’ve previously covered. […]

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