Gorillas for Guerillas

January 20, 2007

My Gorilla Pod just arrived! After seeing it on Photojojo a few days ago I had to get one and try it out. I was happy from the moment it got here.

Gorilla Pod in Action

Someone was definitely thinking when they came up with this thing. Tripods are expensive, heavy and a necessity for anyone who shoots regularly. The Gorilla Pod is light, cheap and strong. It takes seconds to attach a camera and mount the legs onto something.

As it turns out, it also has two larger siblings designed for SLRs with and without zoom lenses. If these work as advertised (and I have a hunch they do) they would be an excellent way to improve shot quality for Guerilla Filmmakers and photographers alike. While these guys will never fully replace a traditional tripod, they’ll do a hell of job if you want to attach your camera onto a bike, car, log, branch, fence or anything else that exists.

Head here to go to the official site.



One Response to “Gorillas for Guerillas”

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