CNN Leaps towards User Generated Content

August 1, 2006

Recently, much of my time has been spent updating our Business Plan. We started writing it a few months ago, which means that elements of it are already outdated given the speed at which the User Generated Content world has been moving. On any given day there are dozens of stories in major newspapers all guessing what the next step is going to be.

Now it looks like the next reports on User Generated Content may in fact come from User Generated Content. I was surprised and excited to learn that CNN is starting a program called “I-Report” which will allow the public to submit their own stories. These submitted stories may even make it to air, provided program directors decide they’re worth airing. This model for broadcasting user reported stories is similar to what has been doing for over a year.

It’s nice to see a major network value its audience’s opinion, in particular one as well respected and widely viewed as CNN. Let’s hope that this will be a continuing trend.

– chris


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