Online Video Editors: What’s the deal?

July 26, 2006

Online video editing has really been the talk of the town lately.,, and are among a slew of new video hosting sites featuring online editing tools. They strive to make video editing accessible to the masses. At the moment, it appears these sites are mostly playgrounds for creating video ‘mashups’ or ‘remixes’. Video mashups are not unlike those Madonna mix tapes I used to churn out in the 80s.

In discussing the buzz these sites are generating, people have asked us if we’ve considered developing an online editor for Tropist. We have considered it, but we’re not going to and here’s why: asking a filmmaker to edit their work using an online editor is like asking a carpenter to build a house using a Fisher Price toolbox.

Online editing is a great idea and I think it will allows for some very interesting types of creative collaboration, but Tropist is a community of talented filmmakers who either already own the right tools or have access to them. We’re not focused on pushing the limits of web technology, but rather on providing a sensible framework to maximize exposure for talented individuals and allow people to connect in meaningful ways.



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