Nod Your Head Advertising

July 18, 2006

We’ve made a few adjustments to the splash page to make it more clear as to what we’re all about here at Tropist. Let us know what you think. Input is always appreciated!

I’ve been reading The Tipping Point and now know how to start a social epidemic, the answer lies with a study that Mr. Gladwell explores describing viewers’ reactions to video while nodding their heads up-and-down. He says that when we’re nodding we think that things rock really hard, even when, in actuality, they might not rock as hard as we think they do. So advertisers love to have images of things moving up and down, like a bouncy ball, as it makes you happy.

The most watched commercial on youtube.

Don’t you feel good? I do. So in turn, we are going to load up on vigorously flashing images that move up and down so that you can feel just as happy as we did watching that Bravia commercial.

keep on nodding,



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