Building Hype – The Right Kind of Advertisment

July 14, 2006

Looks like we’ll have the splash page up in the next couple of days, I see it as Phase I of our hype-machine. I’m sure the response will be extraordinary. For those of you that haven’t experienced a hype-machine, Phase I is the beginning. Then as we progress the phases increase in Roman Numerals (i.e. Phase IV and eventually Phase DCLXIV (you get the idea)) soon the Hype-Machine is complete and then we have perpetual motion.

Hype-Machine Diagram

In other news, I continue to search for some of our first filmmakers and I have to report that things are picking up. I hope that we’ll be able to showcase some of their current work in the next few weeks or so. I should also admit that its been incredibly frustrating sifting through videos as most of the video hosting sites (youtube, triggerstreet, etc.) are both horribly designed and impossible to navigate. I guess that means we know what not to do!
A little more inspiration (which helps to prove my theory about the future of advertising see below):

Yes, youtube and I have a love-hate relationship.



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