Hunting for Skill, Found Inspiration

July 10, 2006

Things at Tropist are moving along at full force! I have been watching hundreds of videos and I’ve come across some talented artists. During my quest I’ve re-encountered some of the work that has driven and fueled my own hunger to make movies, work that has an impact in only a few minutes or even 30 seconds.

This brings me of course to one of my favorite directors, Michel Gondry. You may know him as the director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but he honed his skills and made a name for himself as a director of commercials and music videos.

Here is one of my favorites from his short-form work:

Check out some more of my favorites here!

This is the direction in which advertising should be headed. Make work this good and people will watch it. Even if it happens to be an ad.



2 Responses to “Hunting for Skill, Found Inspiration”

  1. […] entertaining short film that happens to be a Snickers’ commercial. While it’s not quite Gondry-caliber, “Stop and Go” is definitely one to pass around. With the exorbitant amount spent […]

  2. […] further Gondry inspiration, check out one of our earliest blogs (from back when Tropist was going to be a filmmaking competition […]

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