Where’s the beef?

July 5, 2006

What makes a talented director? Is she the most viewed? The best rated by her peers?

What is the best way to sift through all of the content on the web to find those new producers who are truly talented?

Let’s put all the talent in the same place (tropist.com!). Then the question becomes who is the best of the best, not who is the best among tom, dick and charlie (sic).

But first I have to look through the hooey for our first round of talented users, our “best of the best”. After a few grueling days on youtube, ifilm and all the rest I’ve nearly lost it. There is only so much ‘webjunk’ I can handle. The most viewed sections are filled with lip-syncing, people falling down and rants of one sort or another. They all have their place, but what I strive to find, are those truly original videos, where it’s clear that it was a filmmaker behind the lens and not an overly emotional tween.

But, I am not giving up! I have found some gems and I’m sure I’ll find many more. With some more time (and much more coffee) I hope to find a selection of the best to join the Tropist community.

If you know anyone who’s trying to ‘make it’ in the film industry, give them a leg up and let them know about our project. We should have the splash page up in a week or so with more info at tropist.com and as always, feel free to send us an email at submit@tropist.com.

Cow Herd



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